It seems that closing deals and making business partners over a round of golf is about to be old news. Well, at least if you own one of these special edition Bentley Bentaygas, that is. Created as a collaboration between renowned Saville Row tailor Huntsman and Bentley's bespoke division Mulliner, these two Bentaygas have been given a unique interior treatment featuring the exclusive designs and touches from Huntsman's catalogs.

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The two unique trims, called the Businessman and the Sportsman, cater to two different customer lifestyles, with interiors featuring Huntsman tweeds. The choice of yarns, unique designs, and expert craftsmanship create a vintage color pallet. The Sportsman is aimed towards more laid back countryside pursuits, with more distinctive tweed on the passenger and driver side doors. What Bentley calls Imperial Blue leather and Liquid Amber veneer inserts, add to the striking Candy Red exterior. The Businessman features more black tones, with Anthracite and Anthracite Satin on the Bentayga's exterior, together with carbon fiber trims on the doors, and subtle tweed on the door cards and map pockets.

The interestingly integrated chessboard, courtesy of Mulliner, mimics the checkerboard floor of Jack Barclay, Bentley's oldest showroom in Mayfair, London. The chess pieces are housed in a drawer that's lined in Huntsman fabric. What's more, both the logos of Hunstman and Jack Barclay are embroidered onto the seat rests.

The Huntsman edition Bentaygas are only for sale at the Jack Barclay showroom, and a purchase of one of these special edition units will entitle you to a Huntsman bespoke jacket that can be fully customized and delivered with the car. Mind you, the lining of the jacket is made exclusively for Bentley Motors. I don't know about you, but challenging a prospective business partner to a game of chess sounds like a good way to test wit and daring resolve. In the back of a Bentley Bentayga, no less.

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