Rumors suggest that Chevrolet doesn't intend to give the Camaro a new generation, causing the pony car to get the axe for the second time in the model's history. Now, new speculation indicates that the Bowtie might revive the model as a performance-oriented electric vehicle, according to Car Buzz without citing specific sources.

"We will not engage in speculation regarding potential future product," Chevy spokesperson Kevin Kelly told when asked about the validity of this rumor.

The primary hook to this speculation is engineer Al Oppenheiser moving from leading the Camaro team to taking a leading role in GM's electric vehicle development. Since he already has detailed knowledge on how to make a good performance car, the speculation goes that Oppenheiser could combine that talent with creating a speedy EV that would wear the Camaro moniker.

Oppenheiser only started the job on the EV team in January 2019. So if this speculation is accurate, then the electric Camaro would still be several years away from arriving. Last week's rumor about the model's death indicates that the pony car has no future beyond 2023 in Chevy's product plan. This suggests there still could be years without a Camaro in the lineup between the demise of the current generation and arrival of the EV.

Gallery: Chevrolet Camaro eCOPO

The eCopo Camaro concept (gallery above)shows that Chevy engineers are at least willing to toy with the idea of an electric pony car. The model made 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) and 600 pound-feet (814 Newton-meters) of torque. It was capable of a quarter-mile run in  9.837 seconds.

Chevy is at least keeping the existing Camaro fresh by updating the styling for the 2020 model year to make up for the polarizing design revisions for the 2019 version. The company also adds a new LT1 model that makes the 6.2-liter V8 available without opting for the SS trim. The company also adds attractive options like Rally Green paint and orange brake calipers.

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