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Last month, we covered a video of crash-tested RVs – and the results were distressing. RV safety standards are not the same as they are for passenger cars. While they are large, imposing machines on the road, the size and shape make it difficult to integrate an adequate crash protection structure like many of today’s passenger vehicles. A tragic accident in Quebec earlier this month, while extreme, is a reminder at how fragile RVs can be in a crash.

The crash in Canada, a result of what authorities say was a mechanical issue, which, considering the video, was likely the RV losing its brakes. The video shows the RV careening down the hill toward the ferry that's already pulled away from the shore, hit the launch ramp, fly through the air, and come crashing down onto the deck of the ferry. It appears the RV hits tall metal structure on the back of the boat, before crashing down onto the deck.

Sadly, the driver, 40-year-old Eric Belec succumbed to his injuries, according to Global News, while his 40-year-old female passenger remained in critical condition as of earlier this week. What’s shocking about the video is watching the RV’s cab collapse into a heap of debris. While any car crash as extreme as this one would likely result in any number of catastrophic results, the ferocity of devastation from the RV crash is downright shocking and disturbing.

With RVs rising in popularity – sales have seen a 50 percent growth since 2014 – there’s more focus than ever on their safety and crashworthiness. The organization that tested the RVs last month intends to push motorhome makers to build safer products while also discussing the possibility of the Euro NCAP making RV crash tests a more routine evaluation. Either way, RVs may look tough on the road, but the realities are much different.

Source: Réactionnaire Médiatique via YouTube, Global News

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