According to a recent report, the rumored tie-up between Aston Martin and AMG could be more extensive than originally thought.

We've already heard that Investindustrial's investment in Aston Martin could result in some sort of partnership with AMG, but new details are emerging about what might be on the table.

An Autocar source says Investindustrial has maintained their relationship with Mercedes ever since AMG and Ducati teamed up. The source went on to explain "We know these guys. They were behind Ducati and we had a very closely knit marketing deal with them. They rang and asked if they won the bid for Aston would we be interested in being a technology partner.”

The source declined to reveal the exact specifics of the discussion but hinted it has a "significant scope" that goes beyond just drivelines. This could imply Investindustrial wants to give Aston Martin access to AMG engines, Mercedes electronics and possibly even platforms.