The words Toyota Prius and tuner go together like mashed potatoes and grass clippings from your lawnmower. Sure, you could mix some grass into the dish and eat it without issue, and the fresh green toppings might even look kind of nice on the white potatoes, especially if done artfully. That’s the awkward position we find ourselves in with regards to this Toyota Prius, which wears a body kit from well-known Japanese tuning company Liberty Walk.

Anyone familiar with Liberty Walk knows some of the company’s offerings can get pretty crazy, but this upfit for the Prius is rather mild. In fact, it might even slot into our definition of artfully as mentioned above in our mashed potatoes metaphor. This is strictly an appearance package – the primary mission for the Prius, after all, is fuel economy over all else – but it doesn’t include massive fender flares or a bonkers wide body stance. An aggressive front fascia with side skirts and a diffuser-infused rear fascia constitute the “light” body kit, with the full kit adding a modest spoiler to the decklid.

Toyota Prius By Liberty Walk

Obviously, the body kit alone doesn’t set this Prius on the ground. The car featured here also rides on a coil over suspension setup with air ride control, capped with a set of custom wheels and tires that appear to redefine the term low profile. All in all it’s not an unattractive makeover, though admittedly, the Toyota Prius was never really an attractive car to begin with. All total, Liberty Walk lists this upgrade at $7,900, though you can also buy just the full body for $2,990. The company also sells each component separately so you can build your special Prius one piece at a time, should you so desire.

And therein lies the big question. In our experience, Toyota Prius buyers aren’t really the type who seek out automotive enhancements like this. That’s not to say there aren’t buyers for such a kit, and honestly, the changes do give the late-model Prius a decidedly sharper appearance. We can’t imagine a company like Liberty Walk producing a product for any vehicle unless there was a market for such a thing, but like our grass-infused mashed potatoes, is it something you really want to experience or just look at? We're curious to know what you think of this Prius makeover, so voice your opinion in the comments below.

Source: Liberty Walk

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