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The next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class is not a rare sight as we’ve seen several prototypes testing on public roads. This time around, we can share a short video showing the flagship sedan from the brand in motion somewhere in Germany. It’s heavily camouflaged but it’s still an imposing sight, especially when compared to the adjacent third-gen A-Class.

This prototype looks very similar to a previous trial car we spotted in April this year. Mercedes is already testing vehicles with less camouflage but this one here has its entire fascia covered in disguise. Despite that, we know for a fact the shape of the headlights will be similar to the units seen on the new CLS and CLA. In the new S-Class, the clusters might receive the new “digital light” technology.

Mercedes is trying to hide the pop-up door handles of the S-Class in this prototype with some weirdly shaped consoles that are mounted to the front and rear doors. It’s not fooling us as we’ve seen the actual shape and design of the handles in previous spy photos. Generally speaking, this test car looks like an early development prototype and is probably not revealing all the progress that's been made by the company’s engineers so far.

The new Mercedes S-Class (internal code W223) may look evolutionary on the outside but inside the cabin, there will be a small revolution. An older batch of spy shots revealed the interior will be completely transformed with the dashboard featuring a massive Tesla-esque touchscreen with a portrait orientation. Of course, there’s a second display that acts as an instrument cluster while most of the physical buttons are gone.

We expect to start seeing less camouflaged prototypes in the next months as Mercedes is planned to kick off production of the new S-Class sometime next year.

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