The modular technology concept from Mercedes-Benz includes optimised combustion engines and customised hybrid solutions

Diesel combustion engines combined with hybrid alternatives are the new hype and Mercedes is coming to Frankfurt to prove that is has a future. Mercedes will be showcasing a range of BlueTec hybrids with the S300 taking center stage, or will it? Last night we presented the F700 concept and in the middle of the Mercedes line-up photo is yet another covered up car, which seems to be the E300 BlueTec Hybrid. Will this be Mercedes' big surprise for Frankfurt?

The S300 BlueTec Hybrid comes with a combination of a 4 cylinder diesel engine and hybrid technology allowing for 224 hp (165 kW) with 560Nm torque while consuming just 5.4 liters per 100 km of driving. CO2 emissions are lowest in its class measuring just 142g/km of CO2, about 30% lower than the current benchmark in the S-Class segment.

The ML 450 Hybrid is joining the SUV hybrid bandwagon but will not be utilising a diesel engine but instead will be coupling a petrol engine to the hybrid technology. According to Mercedes, the ML 450 Hybrid will be the most economical two-mode petrol hybrid worldwide. The ML 450 Hybrid develops 340 hp and 480 Nm torque while sonsuming 7.7 liters of petrol for every 100km travelled and emitting round abouts 185 g/km of CO2.

Stay tuned for more news, the Frankfurt show is just around the corner!

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