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As Aston Martin prepares to launch its first SUV, the DBX, the British luxury automaker is opening up about how it designed it. In an interview with, Simon Sproule, Aston Martin’s global marketing boss, says women are behind the boom in SUV sales. In the DBX’s development, Aston Martin completed extensive research into the needs and desires of SUV buyers, discovering women are more eager for such high-riding models than men.

According to Sproule, women want to feel safe and protected while also being able to see ahead of them on the road. SUVs provide that for women. Sproule added SUVs are attractive to both sexes. It just so happens what women want in a vehicle correlates with crossovers and SUVs.

Sproule also noted the softening of the SUV image with crossovers have made them much more appealing to a broader audience. Rough-and-tough nameplates like the Ford Bronco, Mercedes G-Class, and  Jeep Wrangler appeal to a more male-dominated audience. Women also have power in the showrooms, too. According to Sproule, women make 80 percent of the car-buying decisions around the world, adding, “It logically follows that their vehicle preferences will have a substantial impact on the market.”

Gallery: Aston Martin DBX Prototype

Aston went as far as creating an avatar called “Charlotte” as a proxy for the segment during the DBX’s development. However, Sproule said Aston’s goal of the DBX project was to create another beautiful Aston Martin with the necessary attributes to find success in the luxury market. It would only make sense for Aston to research who are buying luxury SUVs and what their needs are.

As of right now, the DBX is Aston’s only new SUV coming down the pipe. Then again, automakers are coy about talking about future products. The Aston Martin DBX should debut later this year, most likely at the Los Angeles Auto Show in late November. Or, Aston could host a dedicated event for what could very probably be its best-selling model in a few short years.

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