The driver of a Rolls Royce Phantom Series II has gone for a little off-road adventure.

When it comes to going off-road, a Rolls Royce is certainly not on the top 10 list but nevertheless in this clip posted on YouTube by TaxTheRich100 we see the recently facelifted Phantom doing just that. He spins, drifts and slides the vehicle as if it were a proper rally car.

The Phantom Series II is powered by a V12 6.75-liter engine that generates 453 hp (338 kW). It can be connected to a 6-speed automatic gearbox from ZF or a new 8-speed auto that lowers fuel consumption by 10 percent. The car weighs a hefty 5,600 lbs (2,540 kg) and has CO2 emissions of 347 g/km.

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