Volkswagen will be launching more plug-in hybrid models starting with 2013, in a move to get closer to Toyota.

The German automotive giant believes that demand for these vehicles will grow in the future. Electric car chief Rudolf Krebs told Reuters that VW will target wealthy buyers with the plug-in hybrid variant of the Porsche Panamera S and 918 Spyder that will be launched next year.

The Golf VII will get a plug-in hybrid version in 2014, followed by the Passat, Q7, Q3, Cayenne, A6 and A8. He mentioned that "this is a long-term trend that can no longer be reversed" and it "will become a core element of our future strategy."

This could be a wise move for VW as research firm IHS Automotive research suggests that by 2018 plug-in hybrid car sales will soar more than eight times to 960,644 units.

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