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The Rezvani maybe one luxurious tank, but still runs on typical rubber tires. Some Russians, however, takes the word 'tank' seriously and modified a Bentley Continental GT into a premium tank with real tracks. Even better, it sounds awesome, just like any Continental GT would.

But on our previous report about this beastly machine, the builders of the world's most luxurious tank faced a roadblock. Actually, there's quite a handful, and one of them is the lack of doors.

Well, that problem has now been solved.

Gallery: Bentley Continental GT Ultratank

In AcademeG's latest video upload, the Continental GT Ultratank gets a pair of working doors. To make it work, the guys had to trim the sheet of metal to accommodate the tracks. It wasn't an easy feat, mind you, as the doors aren't just sheets of metal but also a sandwich that contains sound deadening materials, electronics, and leather.

With the Ultratank getting its latest modification, the Russian guys were able to showcase the car on a public display along with other notable cars. Of course, it got the attention of unknowing bystanders. How often would you see a tank with real tracks on a car show, right?

Now, we mentioned that the lack of doors is just one of the tank's many problems, right? One of the other problems is the tension on the treads, which makes them slide when making a sharp turn. It's an issue that's hard to turn a blind eye on, as returning the treads back to its position is hard work.

Other problems include the lack of brake pedals, which is kind of needed to attain the ultimate goal – to reach the 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) mark. 

Watch the video on top of this page to see the Ultratank with doors in action. You can start around the eight-minute mark to see the actual process of adding the doors.

Source: AcademeG via Youtube

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