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Track days – probably the best days for car nuts. Days when they could stretch out the legs of their beloved sports cars or tuned vehicles. It's the marriage of hobby and passion, days when the dirty hands and the smell of burning rubber are just normal occurrences.

So, what do you usually bring during track days? If you are one of the racers, you should probably bring your own helmet, of course, along with a socket set, a tire pressure gauge, a trusty torque wrench, a set of work gloves perhaps, and essential fluids for your car. And yes, bring extra tires, too.

Gallery: Old Camera Used At A Recent Track Day

As a spectator, there's only one essential thing you should bring: a camera. You'll never know if you'll see your favorite car of all time parked in the paddocks. 

However, one guy thought differently during a track day at the Gingerman Raceway last April. Instead of bringing a topnotch modern digital camera to capture the moment, he brought a Canon 1218 – an old type of camera that shoots using the Super 8mm motion picture format. For the uninitiated, this type of cameras came out during the mid-60s.

The result? Epic footages that mix nostalgia with modern technology. See the video on top of this page.

Who would've thought that seeing modern cars under an old video format would be alluring, right? It would have passed as a legit 1960s footage if not for the Scion FRS in the beginning. If the cars were Plymouth Barracuda or a good ol' Chevy Corvette, we would have been tricked, really. There's a Ford Mustang, mind you, but it's the latest generation model.

Can't get enough of this video? Nick Shirrell, the owner of the footage, said in his Reddit thread that he's shooting the IndyCar at Road America this weekend. Of course, we'll stay on top of that as well.

Source: Nick Shirrell via Youtube | Reddit



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