Stroll through your local Big Three dealership and glance at the sticker prices of the pickup trucks. If you run away screaming, bewildered at the luxury-car price tags, then you haven’t been following consumer trends and trucks. Pickup trucks are the profitable bread and butter of Ford, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and Chevrolet, and consumers have no problem paying exorbitant prices for them, even if they rival luxury-car prices without the luxury-car features. And it appears Chevy has its pulse on what future truck buyers could want – a $100,000 luxury-oriented pickup truck.

According to The Detroit Bureau, that’s what the Chevy is considering. Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet trucks marketing chief, told the publication “people want to trade up,” adding Chevy is ready to deliver a more expensive truck if customers want it. However, Piszar wouldn’t say if such an expensive model was in development, declining the comment on future products. He did add the automaker wants to provide the vehicles customers are demanding, though.

The idea of a $100,000 pickup truck seems absurd. Today’s already expensive pickups rarely have the luxury features of similarly priced sedans and crossovers. However, that’s changing. Chevy has added tons of new features to the Silverado and the Silverado HD lineup while improving interior materials and fit and finish. The automaker is expanding trims, and engine choices, too.

However, there is room for more. You can buy a Ford F-250 Limited that’s nearly $100,000 already. People are already spending large sums of money on luxury SUVs and crossovers, so why shouldn’t Chevy or any other automaker capitalize on those customers? If Chevy wanted to build a truck with soft-close doors, reclining rear seats, the latest safety features, cutting-edge technology, a hybrid powertrain to boost performance, and wrap it in a price tag that’d rival a well-optioned Porsche, there are likely customers eager to buy one. Then, Chevy would need an even more expensive truck so customers could trade up again. This is the sound of printing money.

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