The new ACS5 Sport Touring based on the BMW M5 certainly doesn't refer to the conventional ratio of capacity to power. Instead: 500 litres luggage space meet 552 red-hot HP (406 kW).

Based on new BMW M5 Touring

Forget about hp per kg ratios, hp per liter of cargo holding space is the measurement to be paying attention to at Frankfurt next week! Audi sets new records with the RS6, the new Mecedes C 63 AMG counts 0.94 hp per liter and AC Schnitzer comes to town with 1.1 hp per liter. But enough banter.

AC Schnitzer, the tuning house from Aachen, brings besides its LPG powered GP3.10 concept also their take on the brand new BMW M5 Touring. The V10 is tuned up to produce 552 hp (406 kW) with the help of a custom engine control module, special exhaust manifold, sports catalyst and a twin rear silencer. The vehicle is put to a halt again by an 8-pot high performance brake system on the front wheels, sports a suspension kit that lowers the cars center of gravity and a special aluminium strut brace is added for the front axle.

AC Schnitzer know full well that horsepower can not be seen through the bonnet, so they have created a body kit to correspond with the power under the hood. A new carbon front spoiler, rooflip spoiler, rear skirt and carbon diffuser in the rear all make sure that the beholder is immediately convinced of the cars capabilities. A bit of bling is added with an option of 20 or 21inch wheels.

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