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Volkswagen's ever-expanding lineup is again growing with a new convertible. Except it's not your typical two-door sedan that's losing its top. Instead, it's a cabrio version of the VW T-Roc compact crossover that Volkswagen decided must drop its top. We first spotted the T-Roc Cabrio last October, spotting it several times since then, too. Why Volkswagen would elect to make its compact crossover heavier and less practical is a mystery to us. However, large, multi-national, multi-billion-dollar companies don't make decisions on a whim even though the company has admitted the new product doesn't make sense. Now, we have a new, but brief video, of a camouflaged Volkswagen T-Roc Cabrio.

The short video – at just under one minute – shows the T-Roc Cabrio driving by the camera person. There's no punchy exhaust note or new details gleaned from the video, even when it's slowed down. It's a camouflaged T-Roc Cabrio out for more testing. The number of changes the T-Roc had to undergo to turn the four-door crossover into a two-door convertible had to be tremendous.

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When looking at the T-Roc Cabrio it's challenging to pinpoint the differences because there are so many, especially at the rear of the greenhouse. The roof seems noticeably shorter on the Cabrio than the hardtop – a common occurrence with convertibles – and there's now a rear deck lid, too. Gone is the hardtop's rear hatch. It does look awkward, though that could be due to the camouflage covering being far from flattering. An earlier rendering has the T-Roc Cabrio doing its best Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Convertible impression.

Convertible crossovers aren't new – we're looking at you Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet – however, they're still jarring to see. We're used to sleek two-door cars in convertible form. But sedan sales are continuing to fall, leaving automakers who enjoy the sun will have little choice but to chop the roof off crossovers. If the T-Roc Cabrio finds sales success, expect others to follow. We should see it sometime next year.

Source: Carspotter Jeroen via YouTube

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