Based on the i MiEV, the pinnacle of Mitsubishi Motors's environmental technology, the i MiEV SPORT maximizes the sporty possibilities of the zero-emissions electric vehicle.

The concept of high performance electric vehicles is gaining more momentum as high-capacity battery technology advance. Mitsubishi is keen to emphasize this with its i MiEV Sport Concept. As another variation of Mitsubishi's i MiEV (Mitsubishi innovated Electric Vehicle) research vehicle, the i MiEV Sport uses a "fastback" roof line to express its sporting intentions, although not as sporty as the Mitsubishi Concept-CT which also uses MiEV technology with gasoline hybrid engine but not nearly as sporty as the Lancer Evolution MiEV.

The i MiEV Sport also uses a similar powertrain to the i MiEV which has two electric motors inside each of the front wheels while a single motor drives both rear wheels. Through a series of electronic controllers, ABS and stability control, motor output at the front wheels can be controlled and torque can be regulatied from left to right on the rear wheels. As a result, the i MiEV sport essentially has an all-wheel-drive system which independently controls power output, traction and braking at all four wheels.

Besides producing zero emissions, the i MiEV has no engine, transmission and auxiliary system to slow it down. As a result, the electric motors with a direct connection to the wheels ensure an efficient transfer of power with little loss.

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