Police vehicles are subjected to all kinds of use and abuse normal vehicles generally never see. That’s why virtually every vehicle in law enforcement features upgrades of some kind, and Volkswagen is hoping to add something fresh to the mix for European agencies with a tricked-up Transporter. For those on the wrong side of the law, however, we suspect tricked up is not the term they'd use to describe this ride.

Specifically, VW calls this a prisoner transport van, and as the pictures below suggest, it’s not exactly a suave ride for criminals. The rear of the van is fitted with a full-width mobile prison cell that VW says ensures “safe transport for occupants.” In this instance, we suspect safe refers to the officers in the van because the cell appears to have no safety restraint or even padded seats for that matter. Not that crooks deserve a soft ride, but at least police cruisers in the U.S. have curved plastic back seats that sort-of fit a person. Not that we’ve ever been in the back of a police cruiser. You know – we’ve seen such things at special drive events. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Gallery: VW Transporter Prisoner Van

Honestly, the accommodations for officers outside the cell aren’t terrifically inviting, either. A pair of thin, rear-facing seats allow room for two people to monitor the cell, though these seats are at least fabric and have some padding to them. Presumably the seats up front for driver and passenger are a bit more user-friendly.

In addition to the interior changes. The VW Transporter also receives plenty of visual punch to let folks know this is a cop car. Should bystanders happen to somehow miss the markings, a “blue light” conversion with LED lights and a 100-watt siren should seal the deal. VW sends its Transporter vans to Safeguard SVP in Essex, which handles the full police conversion.

The VW Transporter cell van debuted last week at the NAPFM Emergency Fleet Exhibition in the U.K. and is now part of a demo fleet for European police agencies to evaluate.

Source: Volkswagen

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  • Police cell van developed from Volkswagen Transporter in Trendline trim
  • Conversion includes full width cell for two prisoners plus extra security features
  • Bespoke model has been completed by our Approved Blue Light Converter, Safeguard SVP
  • Van is the latest blue light conversion joining Crafter riot van and Caddy dog van

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has revealed a new prisoner transport van for police forces based on the Volkswagen Transporter.

The van features a full width rear prison cell with space for two prisoners, designed to ensure safe transport for occupants. The rear also features seating for an officer to accompany prisoners on journeys and a double latch security system to prevent the rear doors from being opened from the inside.

The cell van has also undergone a complete “blue light” conversion featuring LED lights, 100-watt siren and full police livery.

The conversion, carried out by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Approved Blue Light Converter Safeguard SVP in Essex, uses the Volkswagen Transporter in Trendline trim as the base vehicle. Under the bonnet is the 2.0-litre 150 PS diesel engine, which delivers a balance of performance and economy.

Steven Cowell, Technical Sales Manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said: “This has been a landmark year for our blue light conversions with the cell van rounding out a trio of new products on the market. This vehicle offers police forces a practical, reliable and economical solution to prisoner transport and we expect it to be a big hit once it joins the fleet.”

Public sector fleets, like police forces or ambulance services, often require specialist conversions. Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles offers a range of conversions to the Crown Commercial Service for different operational purposes through its expert in-house conversion team alongside its Approved Blue Light Converters. Already this year, the brand has unveiled a Crafter riot van (shown for the first time at the CV Show in April), which includes a single prisoner cell, plus the Caddy dog van, with bespoke kennel.

The Volkswagen Transporter cell van is now on the brand’s blue light demo fleet for police forces to trial having debuted at the NAPFM Emergency Fleet Exhibition last week.

For more details on Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ award-winning range of products and Blue Light Conversions please contact our Technical Sales Manager, Steven Cowell, on steven.cowell@vwg.co.uk or to find your nearest Van Centre, please visit www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk.