By combining a high-powered, fuel-efficient, 2.2-liter clean diesel engine and Twin Clutch SST, and using significant quantities of Green Plastic in the interior, a high level of running and environmental performance is achieved.

The Concept-ZT explores the idea of an upmarket sedan (Galant?) which is both rich with premium features but environmentally sensitive all wrapped together in a realistic package. The Concept-ZT features a slew of passive safety devices (see press release below) and an aluminum space frame body structure enhancing rigidness and strength which contributes to crash worthiness while reducing weight. The interior is uses a high amount of Green Plastics.

Intentionally simple on the outside, the Concept-ZT's exterior design focuses on low center of gravity while still exuding a sense of performance and agility. A protruding belt line and modestly flared wheel arches combined with the distinctive Mitsubishi front grille and lamps “proclaim quality and status created out of 'Japanese' sensitivity - a sophisticated and adult sensibility.”

The Concept-ZT gets a 188hp (140kW) 2.2 liter clean diesel engine with the Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) also found on the new Lancer EVO and similar to Volkswagen's DSG double clutch transmission. The S-AWC (Super All wheel Control) combines the all-wheel-drive system from the Outlander SUV with electronic limited slip differential, ABS and stability control.

Mitsubishi Concept-ZT to Debut in Tokyo