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The Bugatti Divo looks fabulous for a reason – it has a stealthy look that's highlighted by light blue accents found all over its body. It's like the embodiment of evil in a supercar, but more inclined to the color blue instead of red.

But what if the Divo came out as a front-engined supercar instead of the usual mid-engined Chiron architecture? That's what our friend Rain Prisk has imagined in his rendering at the top of this page, and we can't say we're not impressed.

Here's the regular Bugatti Divo in case you forgot.

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Rain Prisk, an automotive designer known for crazy ideas that transcend into equally-crazy renderings of existing cars, has created a front-engined Bugatti – something that has never happened since the company was resurrected back in 1998.

With that said, we can't say that this imagery could possibly happen, but it won't hurt anybody to imagine one. Besides, a front-engined Divo isn't so bad after all, if we're to base it from the rendering. With the cockpit pushed a bit back and with a longer hood, it looks like a supercar that could rival the Corvette C7. Well, design-wise.

Based on his post, it looks like Rain Prisk will also make a front view of this front-engined Divo and you could bet that we'll be on the lookout for that.

In the meantime, let's marvel at the fact that the Divo is such a rare car, so much so, that we might not be able to see one in the metal. Only 40 units of the Chiron-based supercar would be made, with all of those 40 units sold out during its launch last year. The delivery of the Divo to its owners is speculated to happen by the end of 2019 or early 2020.

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