BMW is getting closer to Mercedes-Benz in U.S. luxury sales, with only 1,849 cars between the two.

With just one month to go, the battle between Mercedes-Benz and BMW in U.S. luxury sales is getting more intense.

In November, BMW's sales in U.S. rose by 45 percent to 31,213 units. 64 percent of that gain has to do with the success of the 5-Series sedan. As for Mercedes-Benz, they reported on Monday a 13 percent increase from a year earlier, managing to deliver 30,315 units. A significant role for this growth was played by the E-Class which saw a 59 percent jump in sales to 8,126 units.

Mercedes-Benz still leads in U.S. luxury sales but now with only 1,849 units in comparison to the end of October when they had a 2,748-units lead over BMW. At the end of September, Mercedes-Benz was in front with 5,221 units.

It is important to mention that these figures do not include BMW's MINI brand or Daimler's cargo vans and the Smart models since none of these are luxury cars.