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The crew at The Fast Lane Car hit paydirt with a YouTube video just posted to the outlet’s TFLnow channel. Part of the Colorado-based team was out and about in a Subaru when they happened upon the easily identifiable odd proportions of a Ford Bronco test vehicle. Armed with high-definition cameras they did what any proper motoring journalists would do – hit record and gave chase. As a result, they’ve given the world an outstanding look at this forthcoming machine in action.

First things first – this is obviously still a development mule wearing a Ford Ranger cab, as we’ve encountered on previous sightings. Mounted at the rear is the weird super-short bed and cap we’ve seen before, which could be actual Bronco components. This prototype is also wearing a skirt to obscure the rear suspension, and it’s a very effective covering though in previous sightings we’ve been able to see a solid axle at the rear, so we don’t believe there’s anything revolutionary happening with the Bronco’s underpinnings.

With the TFL crew having a very strong knowledge base on trucks, they were able to apply some of that experience to this sighting. The camera was rolling as the prototype was started, and to them the engine sounded very much like the Ranger’s 2.3-liter four-cylinder mill. As luck would have it, they came upon the truck again, this time stuck behind a slow-moving semi on a Colorado highway and zoomed in for an even closer look. A single exhaust outlet is clearly seen, and the taillights appear to be Ranger-spec as well. The duo even managed to get a camera along the highway for a look underneath as it drove by, though aside from making out a Ranger grille behind the mesh covering, little else is seen.

The prototype was caught upwards of 12,000 feet in the Colorado mountains, so presumably, some high-altitude testing was underway. We doubt getting stuck behind a semi with professional journalists right behind was part of the plan, but at the same time, we suspect there’s still much hidden about the production-spec Bronco. In any case, this is easily the best look we’ve had thus far of the prototype but there’s still quite a bit of time before the real deal hits the streets. The larger Bronco isn’t expected to arrive until 2021, with the smaller version of the off-roader slated to debut next year.

Source: TFLnow via YouTube

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