Volkswagen styling boss Klaus Bischoff has revealed the next-generation Phaeton will usher in a new styling direction for the brand.

If you've always felt that all Volkswagens look alike, you're not alone as styling boss Klaus Bischoff agrees.

Calling the company's current styling theme a mistake, Bischoff told Auto Express that Volkswagen will adopt a new top-down approach when it introduces the next-generation Phaeton in 2015. As he explained, “Flagship models like the Phaeton should act as halo products and influence the way the other cars in the range look, rather than the other way round.”

Bischoff also revealed plans to further differentiate the company's products by introducing unique styling elements to each vehicle type. He declined to elaborate but said “There will be a specific look for saloons, one for our SUVs, one for the people carriers and one for our hatchbacks."

While the designs will become "cooler," Volkswagen's Walter de' Silva has previously stated that future products will have a 'clean and simple' philosophy which favors timeless grace over flamboyance.