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It took over 10 years, but Vandenbrink's take of a modern Ferrari Shooting Brake is finally alive and cast in metal. The Netherlands-based coach builder isn't well-known, but that might change with this stunning Ferrari build. Say hello to the Vandenbrink Shooting Brake, and while the name might not be terrifically creative, the car itself is a work of art.

Anyone with a bit of Ferrari experience will identify this car as the 612 Scaglietti, and dare we say, the big GT car looks better with more junk in the trunk. We first saw renderings of this proposed marriage back in 2009, but as one might expect, adding a sizable backside to a Ferrari supercar isn't exactly easy. Vandenbrink doesn't go into detail on the build, but the photos reveal a classic Shooting Brake shape with a sloped roof that actually fits quite well with the current trend of stretched four-door liftbacks like the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. And how about the dual windows in the roof for rear seat passengers? That's a very cool touch.

Gallery: Vandenbrink Shooting Brake

Speaking of passengers, the 2 + 2 arrangement in the Scaglietti makes for a good starting point to add a bit more space. Vandenbrink doesn't specify how much interior capacity is added, but the cargo area looks rather generous considering the 612's shape. Headroom looks a bit better for rear-seat passengers as well, and a pass-through to the backside looks perfect for carrying a set of skis to the slope. Getting there might be interesting though, since the 612 packs a 5.7-liter V12 sending 540 horsepower (403 kilowatts) to the rear wheels. With the extra mass at the rear, however, a good set of snow tires would probably take this car to some surprising places.

That said, we highly doubt the Vandenbrink Shooting Brake would ever see such conditions. This is the only one in existence, and future models are strictly build-to-order. As for price, it's a bespoke Ferrari from a custom coach builder so if you have to ask … yeah, you know the drill.

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Vandenbrink Design presents: 


Vandenbrink Design proudly present the unique ‘Vandenbrink Shooting Brake’. The acclaimed design was originally presented in 2008 by Vandenbrink. Owner Van den Heuvel, a passionate shooting brake enthusiast, became enchanted by this unique prospect and has had the special Vandenbrink Shooting Brake design produced in-house, resulting in the first Vandenbrink car to hit the road.

The ‘shooting brake’ body style is typically described as a sleek wagon with two doors and sports-car panache, its image entangled with European aristocracy, fox hunts and baying hounds. Very few shooting brakes have been created in history, the most famous ones being designed by amongst others Bertone, Drogo, Pininfarina, Touring Superleggera, Vignale and Zagato, fitting their custom two-door bodies to the chassis of pedigreed cars from e.g. Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Ferrari and Rolls- Royce. The Vandenbrink Shooting Brake is based on the outstanding Ferrari 612 Scaglietti platform. In line with tradition Vandenbrink’s design features the low roof and sleek lines of a coupé, thus retaining the sex appeal whilst adding the practicality of a wagon.

The rare ‘shooting brake’ body style is showing signs of a renaissance as car manufacturers seek to (re)invent new kinds of vehicles for passionate drivers constantly on the hunt for the next new thing, with functionality tailored to specific lifestyle use.

With the first car now having been realised, an additional limited series of Vandenbrink Shooting Brakes will be built only on bespoke order, exclusively for visionary and knowledgeable customers with passion for the underlying automotive quality, aesthetic excellence and historical significance. Teaming with top-level Italian design and production craftsmen Vandenbrink works with coach building specialists in the finest Italian tradition. Each Shooting Brake will hereby be ‘designed to purpose’, with features for specific use like falconry, racing and equine sports. Exceptional exclusivity is hereby guaranteed.

The Vandenbrink Shooting Brake can be seen in the showroom of Classic Youngtimers Consultancy in Uden, The Netherlands.

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