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In a thread discussing what other models Rivian should make, the folks behind the Rivian Owners Forum imagined a crazy version of the R1T pickup with six wheels and a raised ride height. The resulting vehicle would probably too extreme for most people but looks fantastic.

Gallery: Rivian R1T 6X6 Render

Forum member St00k offered the idea of a Rivian "something like a Ford Raptor." The forum Administrator responded by posting these renders and commented, "we might have taken it a little overboard but this should work."

Compared to the standard Rivian R1T electric pickup, this rendering has quite a few changes to convert it into a more rugged machine. Up front, there's a subtle, custom brush bar that follows the shape of the headlights and bumper. A pair of LED light bars adorn the roof. A style bar on the side of the bed visually lengthens the cab when viewing the truck in profile. Large fender flares cover the bigger wheels and knobby off-road tires.

As a major mechanical modification, the Rivian Owners Forum also imagines there would be an extra battery underneath the bed liner. Rivian already intends to offer the R1T with the biggest battery pack on the market by having an optional 180-kilowatt-hour capacity, and the extra one for this vehicle would boost the off-road distance even more.

According to the specs from the R1T's 2018 debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Rivian intends to offer the pickup with three available powertrain options. The base model has 402 horsepower (300 kilowatts), 413 pound-feet 560 Newton-meters), and a 105 kWh battery capacity offering a driving range over 230 miles (370 kilometers). The middle step has 754 hp (562 kW), 826 lb-ft (1,120 Nm), and a 135 kWh battery with a range over 300 miles (483 kilometers). The range-topping version has slightly less power at 700 hp (522 kW) and 826 lb-ft (1,120 Nm), but it packs a 180 kWh battery with a range over 400 miles (644 kilometers). 

Rivian is taking preoders now. The company plans to offer the R1T for prices starting at $69,000 before any tax credits, and production should commence in 2020.

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