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After his recent spectacular win at the Monaco Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton has been spotted grazing the streets of the sovereign French city-state in his one-off Pagani Zonda 760LH. 

The video above was posted by SOL - Supercars of London on Youtube with title and description point towards the headliner, but it would be hard to spot Hamilton on the video itself since it was shot at night. Nevertheless, since this car is a one-off (and one that's named after Hamilton himself), you could count that it's indeed the F1 superstar who's driving the exotic supercar.

Gallery: Lewis Hamilton In His Zonda 760LH In Monaco

The part where Hamilton was driving the Zonda 760LH starts at around 00:10:59 mark. The famous purple livery of the one-off supercar was a giveaway, plus the distinct rich exhaust note is unmistakable with anything else.

To recall, the Zonda 760LH was involved in a minor accident with a stationary vehicle back in 2015. Hamilton reported the incident via his Instagram account, albeit, there weren't any injuries involved except for the obvious damages to the car. The one-off Zonda has been repaired since then, and this sighting on the streets of Monaco is one proof of that.

There were many supercars spotted on this video uploaded by, err, Supercars of London. However, there was another car seen that the uploader seems to be unfamiliar with. At around 00:06:11 mark, a black Bugatti EB 112 has been spotted entering a tunnel.

For the uninitiated, the Bugatti EB 112 is an ultra-rare stillborn concept from 1993, based on the EB 110 sports car. It was born a few years before Bugatti filed for bankruptcy in 1995 with its assets sold by a businessman named Gildo Pallanca Pastor, including three unfinished EB 112s. The one on the video above was one of those three, so we guess we could consider ourselves lucky to have seen one in a motion picture.

Source: SOL - Supercars of London via Youtube

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