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July 18, 2019 – a date that we're pretty sure is marked on the calendars of the mid-engined Corvette fans. While the launch date of the Corvette C8 is just more than a month away, it seems like Chevrolet has sent one sample of the upcoming American supercar to one of its customers. Or not.

On this 'walkaround' video, Charles Cronley, otherwise known as chazcron on who has been creating renders of the Corvette C8, puts his latest rendering of the Corvette C8 in his driveway. The video looks amazingly real and could fool the uninitiated if not for some dead giveaways.

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First, you would notice that there's a bit of drizzle when Cronley shot the video, which should have been seen on the car's body if it were have been real. Plus, there was a little jump on the rendering at around 00:00:18 – something we think was deliberately put there to let you know that it's just a rendering.

In any case, it's an ingenious rendering and video editing work, and we're commending Cronley for giving us an idea as to how a mid-engined Corvette would look like in our driveways. For those of you who have reserved for the C8 since 2014, this should definitely whet your appetite. 

As previously mentioned, the Corvette C8 will be revealed on July 18, 2019. The momentous event will happen in Orange County, Southern California, with media and VIP invitations went out as early as May. The production of the mid-engined Corvette will commence towards the end of 2019 with customer deliveries to begin by early to mid-2020.

So, for those who have just decided to go out and reserve for a unit just now, it may be a year or so before the video above could turn into a reality.

Source: Charles Cronley via Youtube

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