This cool little camper is developed by a Moscow-based company called Lux-Form, which specializes in the construction of removable camping modules and compact vans built from the Lada Granta. Those familiar with the Eastern European subcompact will recognize it as a small car, but the basis for this camper actually uses a truck version of the Granta with a frame underneath. Sort-of anyway, the front half stems from the Granta while the rear uses a frame construction with a spring suspension.

According to the builders of this camper, the compact design provides everything necessary for two people to enjoy a camping holiday, which is good considering the car only accommodates two people up front. The living space is 7.15 feet (2,178 millimeters) long, 5.1 ft (1,558 mm) in height, 5.4 ft (1,648 mm) wide, and it features a collapsible berth measuring of 5.1 ft (1,580 mm) by 6.5 ft (1,980 mm) all total. With the front half of the camper added in, the Lada measures 16.4 ft (5 meters) in length.

Автодом Lada Granta

The living area includes space for a kitchen with a single-burner stove and sink, a closet, and a full bathroom with a shower, cassette toilet, and sink. Freshwater comes from an 18.4-gallon (70-liter) heated tank, with an 11.8-gallon (45-liter) waste water tank for the leftovers. It’s fitted with propane tanks and it wired for electricity as well.

Автодом Lada Granta

That describes a fully-equipped Lada, however, the builders will also offer the pint-sized camper in lower trim levels with less equipment. As for price, official numbers aren’t revealed but according to Lada Online, such a machine should cost from around $17,500 to $27,500. A definitive production date isn’t known, but it should kick off sometime in the near future.

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