Volkswagen is showing the new Tiguan in a world premiere at the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt.

The highly-anticipated Volkswagen Tiguan makes its world debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, featuring a score of technological advances projecting the Touareg sibling into the market fully equipped. Available in two variants and three main specifications, the Tiguan caters to buyer needs, whether they be for dynamic on-road use or serious mud-plugging ability.

Dubbed by Volkswagen as 'an all-round talent', the Tiguan slots between wagon and SUV designations, with a 'multivariable interior', 'very spacious' cabin and cargo space of up to 1,510 litres. In 'Track&Field' guise, drivers are treated to a newly-developed off-road mode, which, according to Volkswagen, unleashes 'an armada of assistance systems' designed to safely escort you in relative comfort across both the urban jungle and 'rock-tough off-road routes'.

As the first SUV on the world market to exclusively have a range of charged engines, their advantages must be touted: power is significantly increased while both fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. Three new four-cylinder turbocharged TSI units and two completely re-engineered four-cylinder common-rail diesel engines are available. Permenant all-wheel-drive is used in conjunction with manual, or optionally automatic, six speed transmissions.

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