GMC dropped a composite bombshell in the pickup truck world last year when it debuted the 2019 Sierra with a carbon fiber bed. Usually relegated to high-end supercars, carbon fiber is exceptionally strong for its light weight, but it’s also exceptionally expensive and notoriously difficult to repair since it tends to shatter when stressed beyond the breaking point.

As such, critics have raised concerns about the material’s durability in an application such as pickup trucks, where beds are subjected to all kinds of abuse. GMC said extensive testing took place to ensure the bed’s durability, but to further address those concerns, the automaker created the short video above showing all kinds of hell being literally tossed on the bed's floor. Included in the melee are a sledgehammer, cinderblocks, and a massive 55-gallon drum which impacts the bed at an angle, delivering all its force in one small spot. To the credit of GMC designers, the big barrel just bounces up without drama.

Gallery: 2019 GMC Sierra CarbonPro Edition

The bed design has carbon fiber exclusively for the floor, front, and the wheel arches. Steel fenders cover the carbon fiber on the outside, with steel corners at the rear and a steel rail between the bed and the tailgate. Speaking of which, GMC also offers up trick MultiPro tailgate for the 2019 Sierra which has six-way functionality, and while it’s not a carbon fiber unit, it does incorporate a glass fiber composite construction. All combined, the new bed and tailgate drops 62 pounds versus a standard steel bed.


It doesn’t come without a cost, however. The Sierra At4 CarbonPro Edition starts at over $66,000, with the carbon-fibered Sierra Denali clicking past the $70,000 mark. While the bed might be durable, we aren’t sure how many people will be tossing cinderblocks into the back of such an expensive pickup.

Source: GMC


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