With more than 700 horsepower from its supercharged V8 engine and a quarter mile time of around 11 seconds, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat is by no means short on power. Versatility, however, is not its calling card, which might explain why YouTuber The Sketch Monkey was inspired to create this Dodge Rampage-inspired Hellcat render.

While the Challenger Hellcat is one of the quickest production muscle cars ever, taking just 3.4 seconds to get to 60 miles per hour, the original Rampage didn’t carry the same zest. It debuted in 1982 with a carbureted 2.2-liter inline-four engine pushing less than 100 horsepower to the front wheels.

Should this modern Rampage render come to fruition, it would fill the Ute-sized void left by the recently departed Holden Ute (and revive the body style in the U.S.). The Hellcat carries much of the same muscle-car characteristics as the Holden: massive power from a big V8 engine, rear-wheel drive, and an exhaust note with the brute force to – figuratively – move buildings. The Hellcat already produces 717 horsepower from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8 compared to the Ute’s approximately 400 horsepower coming from the SS trim’s 6.0-liter V8.

And that’s assuming the rendered Rampage revival isn’t based on the Hellcat Redeye, which would mean an upgrade to 797 horsepower. With these power figures, the Rampage revival could really live up to its name.

Modifications to transform the Hellcat into a modern Rampage wouldn’t be as plug and play as seen in the video. However, this render shows how Dodge has the potential to produce one of its hottest cars yet. If seeing The Sketch Monkey’s Rampage render is making you wish Dodge dropped everything and built one, then take a look at his YouTube channel for similar content.

Source: The Sketch Monkey

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