This is not the grandchild mom had in mind.

Just about every young couple out there can relate to this scene. Actually, we should amend that by saying any young car crazy couple can relate. Go-fast parts are precious to those who fancy more than an average commute in a boring car, and a chucking big supercharger is among the most precious gifts of them all. Sure, your parents or in-laws might be dropping hints about grandkids, but let’s be honest – when you’re in the staging lanes at the local drag strip, a beautiful newborn baby won’t knock a half-second off your elapsed time.

Enter Brayden Tomicic, the proud "father" featured in the photo above. Apparently, he and his wife Payton have been the subject of more than just hints about entering parenthood from his mother. Jalopnik had occasion to chat with Brayden about the photos, during which he conceded that the funny photo op was a bit of retaliation for the pressure coming from mom, who would very much like to be a grandmother.


As you can probably guess, Mr. and Mrs. Tomicic are fond of cars. Mr. Tomicic is also fond of photography, and has quite an impressive portfolio as the owner of South Valley Photography. Browsing through his portfolio at you’ll find all kinds of delectable automotive shots, including a yellow Ford Mustang on which Jalopnik says the baby supercharger will spend its days.


It probably goes without saying that Brayden and Payton have a terrific sense of humor. Frankly, we need more of this in the world, and not just because superchargers make everything better. Here’s hoping Brayden’s mother has a similar sense of humor, but we suspect the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Best wishes to Brayden, Payton, and all their children – be it the current mechanical variety or potential flesh-and-blood arrivals in the future. Spoiler alert: the fleshy kind are way louder.

Photo Credit: Brayden Tomicic / South Valley Photography

Source: South Valley Photography, Brayden Tomicic on Facebook via Jalopnik

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