It's available for all versions of the new 3 and it extends to members of the household.

With the revamped Toyota Corolla out and the Honda Civic a solid competitor as ever, the battle in the compact segment in the United States is heating up and Mazda wants a piece of the action. In an attempt to avoid losing customers to rival brands, the Zoom-Zoom company has launched an alluring incentive for owners and lessees of any Mazda3. Should you happen to have one parked in your garage, that means you’re eligible for a $750 discount on a new-generation 3, regardless of version.

Our friends at CarsDirect are reporting Mazda has sent out letters to dealers to inform them about the promo, which can be used on top of the existing loyalty discount. That means you can save as much as $1,500 in combined savings on a new Mazda3, regardless if you’re buying or leasing and without having to trade in your old car. It gets better as the offer can be transferred to other members of the household.

You have plenty of time to think about whether the deal is worth taking, with Mazda planning to keep the incentive active until September 3. Bear in mind the offer is strictly available if you sign your name on the dotted line for the new 3, so you’re out of luck if you want the sporty Miata, the larger 6 sedan or one of the CX SUVs.

The decision to sweeten the deal does not come as a surprise taking into account sales of the 3 went down by 7.9 percent last month to 4,351 units compared to April 2018 despite the arrival of the new-gen model. The situation is actually worse when it comes to year-to-date sales, with deliveries of the compact hatchback and sedan plummeting by 19.7 percent to 19,566 cars.

Source: CarsDirect

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