Compact camper trailers are seriously becoming a trend these days – and we totally support that. These one-axle small caravans offer smart use of space, low weight, and relatively low price compared to the far more expensive large luxurious caravans and motorhomes. Simply put, they are one of the best solutions when you want a home on wheels but you are tight on budget and space. Today, we are happy to share with you another cool camper trailer – the AntiShanty.

First of all, let’s talk about that name. The company that builds this product explains its name comes from the combination of the nouns “anti” and “shanty” (obviously), which should refer to a small home on wheels that is “opposed to small crudely built dwellings typically constructed of wood.” Basically, the entire construction doesn’t use a single piece of wood and “for every AntiShanty on the road, there are 10 more trees still thriving in the forest.”

Gallery: AntiShanty camper trailer

The North Logan-based company is particularly proud of the three main advantages its trailer has – the ultralight yet rugged construction, the fact that it can be towed by most vehicles on the market, and the fact that it can accommodate up to four adults despite its relatively compact dimensions. Generally, the firm says, the trailer is designed for people who ride bikes, kayak, canoe, surf, etc., or for people who want to upgrade from a ground tent to something more comfortable.

The entire construction of AntiShanty is made of commonly found metals and the company says no paints or other harmful materials are used in the building process. The overall idea was to create “a highly insulated and impervious to the wind, drafts, and premature wear” multi-purpose adventure trailer and that’s why it features solid, hard-sided walls and roofs. Beware, bears and wolves – you can’t disturb the peace of folks camping with this trailer.

Source: AntiShanty

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