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It’s tough to beat a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon at the drag strip. Rightfully so – the car was built specifically for the strip, and we aren’t just talking about the 840-horsepower (626-kilowatt) monster under the hood. Features like a transbrake and line lock are cool, but actually, it’s the Demon’s tuned suspension that really gives it an advantage at the starting line.

We mention this because it’s very easy to see firsthand in the video at the top of the page. The clip comes from Demonology on YouTube – a source for all kinds of Demon action and actually, we saw this very car race a stock McLaren 720s back in December. This time around, the mighty Mopar’s competition is an older Chevy pickup truck and a Ford Mustang, and while it may sound tame, neither competitor is stock.

Gallery: Dodge Demon Vs Ford Mustang Roush

We don’t know the extent of the work for the truck, but it’s definitely built for straight-line fun with a V8 underhood and a big bottle of nitrous mounted in the bed. As for the Mustang, it’s a newer Roush model packing a supercharged V8 and a few other items. Horsepower ratings for either vehicle aren’t known, but neither machine appears slow by any means. Still, the Demon has the advantage of being purpose-built to launch like a scalded locomotive, and with this track being just an 1/8 mile long, getting a good launch is even more critical.

We don’t always spoil the outcome in videos like this, but the nitrous on the Chevy truck was non-op for its runs against the Demon so you can probably guess how that turned out. Still, the pickup held up reasonably well considering it was way down on power without the giggle gas. As for the supercharged Mustang, there were two runs between the cars, and the Challenger nabbed a clear starting line advantage both times.

Can the Mustang pull off an upset? We’ll leave that to the video, but for the Ford fans out there, don’t get your hopes up.

Source: Demonology via YouTube

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