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The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon remains a king of the quarter mile at most drag strips, despite production being complete for it. In a new video from Demonology, the devilish coupe lines up against a tweaked Chevrolet S10 pickup and a 1983 Monte Carlo SS. Watch and see if the modern machine can win against a pair of old-school racers. While the Demon doesn't race it, there's a chance to see a jet-powered car's massive plume of flame while covering the quarter mile, too.

The race against the S10 doesn't go cleanly because the pickup's LS engine blows its air cleaner off the throttle body as soon as the truck launches off the line. The damage isn't terminal but ruins this run. The driver and mechanic seem very cool about it during the interview afterward.

The Demon then does a pair of races against the Monte Carlo SS, but we don't want to spoil the results. The car is in beautiful condition, though. The owner is fairly certain that the body still wears the original paint. The interior is also mostly stock, except for elements for drag racing like the partial roll cage along the door. Unfortunately, the guy doesn't open the hood, but he says there's now an LS-family V8 in there. Mickey Thompson drag racing tires also help get down the quarter mile, but if ever swaps them out for more street-friendly rubber this old Chevy looks like it would be ready to become a daily driver.

Source: Demonology via YouTube

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