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One of the weirdest police chases in recent memory occurred in the Los Angeles area on May 21. A woman stole an RV, loaded her two dogs inside, and raced through the San Fernando Valley in an effort to escape the cops.

The chase began around 7:05 PM local time when Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies spotted the RV, which was reported as stolen, according to the LA Times. The driver didn't pull over, and the cops began persuing the vehicle. Along the way, the woman slammed into a tree, which ripped a massive hole in the vehicle's front corner, but she kept going. At another point, one of the woman's dogs jumped out of the broken windshield while the motorhome was on the move, but she still didn't stop. The chase only ended when the woman crashed into a parked car. She attempted to run, but a police officer caught up to her. Video shows (see below) the very loyal dog sitting next to its owner while she is in handcuffs.


The RV driver hit speeds up to 60 miles per hour (97 kilometers per hour), and she struck seven vehicles along the way, according to the LA Times. Two people and the driver required care at the hospital for their injuries. Both dogs also suffered non-life-threatening injuries, and animal control took custody of them.

Police charged the woman with multiple felonies, including hit and run and evading. The cops also investigated her for possibly driving under the influence. The court levied $100,000 bail against the woman.

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