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Performing extensive body repair on a vehicle after an accident isn’t easy. That’s especially true for a supercar jam-packed with aluminum components, among other more exotic materials. Furthermore, one also doesn’t simply step over to the local auto parts outlet for replacement gear, and when you can find new parts, they’re always expensive. So when we learned Russian auto repair guru Arthur Tussik was embarking on a mission to resurrect a thoroughly trashed Lamborghini Gallardo, we had to check it out.

We’ve seen Tussik’s work many times before, but from what we see on his YouTube channel, this could well be his most ambitious project thus far. It’s so ambitious that the repair will span at least three videos, with this obviously being the first. The supercar was apparently tossed into a ditch at a high rate of speed, causing severe damage to most of the car but especially to the right rear. Fortunately, the Gallardo’s bones are aluminum as opposed to carbon fiber, which means Tussik can set up his frame equipment and get to work.

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Of course, just about every car enthusiast knows working with aluminum isn’t as easy as good old steel. To make matters worse, Tussik mentions in the video that he has no blueprints or other documents to work from, so it all comes down to experience. The first step is to do some minor disassembly before the engine can even come out, after which the car comes back to his shop for frame straightening and repair. Again, aluminum doesn’t have the same properties as steel, so special care is required when pulling and cutting damaged sections. Even then, one of the support members snaps rather dramatically under the strain of the frame machine, forcing Tussik to fabricate a new piece from scratch. He also calls for backup from an aluminum welding pro to make sure things are stitched back together properly.

Anyone with an inkling of interest in engineering will find this video absolutely fascinating. Tussik uses everything from hydraulic pullers to hammers and even a hand-actuated ram to wrestle the Lambo’s rear frame back into shape. By the time the video wraps up, it looks like there might be hope for the Gallardo after all.

We can’t wait to see what happens in part two of this supercar saga.

Source: Arthur Tussik via YouTube

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