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It hasn't been more than a week since McLaren revealed its latest model yet – the McLaren GT. With a bigger cabin room and extra trunk/luggage area, it's the most practical McLaren, as well, and one that packs supercar performance.

Design-wise, there's not much to complain about the McLaren GT. We thought it's a beautiful car, with continuous lines and curves that are expected from the Woking-based automaker.

However, Youtube's TheSketchMonkey noticed an unusual design flaw in the car. This is one of those things that you won't see until someone points it out for you. See the before and after images below.

McLaren GT Redesign TheSketchMonkey
See the difference?

If you're having a hard time discerning the differences of the before and after sketches, don't worry, that's our initial reaction, too, until we watched the whole video. Apparently, TheSketchMonkey or Marouane Bembli noticed that the front lines are too high.

After redesigning the McLaren GT, we really think Bembli has done a great job this time in making the already great design of the car into an even better styling. It was just a simple nip and tuck, but it works well in making the car look better.

Bembli is currently making rounds on the interwebs by redesigning and sketching cars into something else. He has done modernizing a Datsun 240Z, retro-designing a Jeep Gladiator, and the most enjoyable of them all, trying to make ugly cars look better – all using his talents as a designer and a commendable command of computer software.

It isn't always a hit, though, as there were times when the redesigned car is better off staying ugly. This time, however, we think he has done a great job in spotting the oddity in the McLaren GT's design. A minor one, but it's going to be hard to unsee that.

Source: TheSketchMonkey via Youtube

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