It goes without saying that automotive evolution and car culture differs between the United States and Europe. There are similarities for sure – a cool two-seater in the UK is still cool in the US, and all petrolheads love V8 power. Yes, Europe’s smaller roads led to the development of smaller, more nimble cars, whereas the wide-open highways of America saw big machines with big engines.

Speaking for all Americans, we know there are some, how should we say, stereotypes when it comes to our cars. The folks at Select Car Leasing in the UK decided to have some fun with that by creating six “Americanized” versions of popular European cars. For the record, all but one of these vehicles are already offered in the States, so in some sense, these rides already have an American makeover. Also, it would seem these designs were created after watching the classic film American Graffiti, which depicts U.S. car culture in the 1960s. These renderings are hilariously stereotypical, but yeah, things have changed a lot since those days.

Let’s jump into the slideshow above to see these crazy makeovers in detail, backed up with a bit of American commentary.

Source: Select Car Leasing

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