The BMW Individual program is like a candy store for grown-ups. With enough cash, they'll build just about anything, in almost any color combination you can imagine (and a few you haven't).

Most of the time, when we see a BMW Individual creation, it's an M car in a wild color combination that's equal parts flashy and fast. This particular BMW Individual creation is neither, and that's just fine by us.

Shared on Facebook by BMW Abu Dhabi Motors, this 7 Series was built especially for someone in a beautiful, subdued copper red over tan color combination. According to BMW Blog, this color is called Aventurine Red II Metallic.

Inside, this special BMW has a two-tone beige and black interior, with special silver-rubbed poplar wood grain trim that, combined with the tan leather, lends the interior a light, airy, open look.

Gallery: BMW Individual 730Li

What's most interesting to us, however, is what's under the hood. While you would expect this sort of attention to detail on, say, an M760Li, this car is, in fact, a lowly 730Li – the four-cylinder model.

You might expect the small, 2.0 liter turbo four to be ill-prepared to carry the heft of the massive, long-wheelbase 7 Series. You'd be wrong, though – with 255 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque on tap, this pint-sized powerplant is capable of propelling the 730Li to 60 miles per hour in a mere 6.3 seconds.

That's surprisingly impressive performance for such a small engine in such a massive car. It's good news for those who live in countries that levy a tax on vehicles based on displacement. While we're not sure how the car ended up in the United Arab Emirates, we must admit, it's very pretty.

7 Series customers here in the good old US of A will have to make do with twin turbo variants of BMW's inline 6, V8 and V12. We doubt anyone will complain.

Source: BMW Abu Dhabi Motors on Facebook

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