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If you've spent enough time on YouTube, chance are you've seen instructional videos from Team O'Neil Rally School. Usually, those videos offer tips and tricks for would-be rally drivers.

This video, though, is different. Titled "How to: Drive Fast With a High Center of Gravity," the video explains the ins and outs of driving fast in nearly everything, from trucks to SUVs and even minivans.

Obviously, the big concern in performing aggressive maneuvers in taller vehicles is tipping. Tall SUVs and truck have a considerably higher center of gravity than sports cars or sedans, meaning that they are more likely to tip over.

Just because a vehicle is tall doesn't mean that it can't handle, though. Two other important factors are how soft the suspension is, and how tall & soft the tires themselves are. If you can push on the side of your vehicle and make it rock side to side with relative ease, and if your tires exhibit a lot of sidewall flex, you should take it easy when attempting to drive fast.

The surface you are driving on has a major impact on rollover risk as well. Loose, slippery surfaces like gravel and ice present a lower risk than grippier surfaces like mud or asphalt. Using four-wheel drive can help to reduce your risk even further.

No matter what, you have to use common sense and not drive beyond your abilities or the capability of your vehicle. Sometimes, upsetting the balance of your vehicle is unavoidable.

If you're on an uneven surface and you feel your vehicle tipping, turning in a downhill direction can get you out of trouble, while turning uphill can make the situation far worse.

Overall, the video is full of great tips for everyone, whether you drive a pickup truck, an SUV, a minivan, or anything else with wheels. It's definitely worth watching. As always, practice these techniques at your own risk.

Source: Team O'Neil Rally School on YouTube




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