Another day, another set of C8 Chevrolet Corvette sightings captured on video. The clip embedded above is the most entertaining, with the camera operator clearly excited about seeing the new mid-engined supercar on film. It comes from adam hamade on YouTube, and the narrator likens the Chevy to a McLaren and a Ferrari. Interestingly, the Ferrari comparison is one more than a few people have made, though it’s usually in reference to an older Ferrari 360. There is a certain similarity, between them, especially in the earlier, less-detailed fan renderings we saw.

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As more sightings and clearer details have been revealed, we’ve since seen that the new mid-engined Corvette should definitely have an edgy style all its own, with no small about of C7 influence seen throughout the design. Still, it appears the camo wrap continues to hide false body panels underneath that obscure the true lines of the car, notably up front and along the sides.

Two other videos come from Corvette Nut on YouTube, who recently caught numerous C8 prototypes on the highway. Among them was a car that appeared to have a new set of wheels we hadn’t seen before, and though these two follow-up videos aren’t as detailed, we are given a glimpse of what indeed appears to be a five-star wheel on a prototype at rest. The final video below is just a quick look at a C8 quickly pulling into a garage.


Save for the brief look at the new C8 wheel, these sightings aren’t significant – at least in terms of uncovering new mid-engined Corvette info. They are significant, however, in showing just how excited people are over this very long-awaited supercar. As you’re almost certainly aware by now, our first C8 sighting happened back in 2016 but the idea of a mid-engined Corvette first took root clear back in the mid-1960s.

After numerous concept cars and case studies over the last 50 years, the new mid-engined Corvette will officially be revealed on July 18 in Southern California.

Source: Adam Hamade on YouTube via Corvette Blogger, Corvette Nut, 2

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