A 2005 Cessna Sky Hawk airplane while preparing to land hits a passing Volvo XC90 driving on the road boarding with the runway.

This is what happens when a private roadway is near a landing strip.

On a road near the runway at Northwest Regional Airport in Roanoke, Texas on Saturday the inevitable happened. Rookie pilot William Davis was doing his first solo trip in a Cessna Sky Hawk airplane and after activating the landing gear and getting ready to touch ground he hit a passing Volvo XC90 that was on the road boarding with the runway.

Nobody was seriously hurt after the airplane hit the roof of the vehicle driven by Frank Laudo. His wife, Heather Laudo, called 911 immediately and initially confused the dispatcher when describing what happened.

The manager of the airport said that all drivers have to stop when the runway is active, but as you can see in this situation it did not happen. Airport officials mentioned that they have tried to buy that problematic roadway property but the owner refused all offers.

William Davis said that his piloting days are now over, an understandable decision.