You won’t find the term LS swap in a dictionary, at least not yet. Folks familiar with automotive street talk, however, know exactly what this means. It’s become the engine of choice for all kinds of automotive projects, though fans of rotary-powered cars have a particular hatred for the LS swap because it’s often found under the hood of the much-loved Mazda RX-7. YouTuber and all-around car dude Rob Dahm decided to flip the coin, however, by dropping a rotary mill into the most prolific LS-powered sports car of them all, the Chevrolet Corvette.

We recently featured the install video for this mental build, but the ultimate mission for the rotary ‘Vette was to sneak into LS Fest – a massive gathering of petrolheads who worship all things LS-related. As you might image, seeing Chevrolet’s flagship V8 sports car brandishing a snarling, brapp-wrapped turbo rotary in the holiest of LS shrines could be the automotive equivalent of cracking open a giant nest of hornets, then climbing inside while wearing Charlie Brown’s striped yellow shirt. Never the less, that’s exactly what Dahm did.

Gallery: Rotary Corvette At LS Fest

And you know what? He made it past the gate and got into the show. Granted it was in the waning hours of the final day at the recent event in Las Vegas, but he rolled through the concourse and parked in the autocross grid before “security” caught wind of his intrusion. An LS Fest official became rather cross with him for parking in the area and directed him to move, which presented a new challenge since the recently finished rotary swap refused to start. The helpless Corvette was literally pushed back to the vendor area and promptly encased with steel fencing – aka LS Fest jail.

It wasn’t a massive hornet strike, however. The LS Fest crew knew Dahm and his Corvette were coming, so they let him in and staged the whole saga as a good-natured joke. Special signs calling Dahm the most wanted LS criminal were even part of the gag, and in the end, the rotary-powered Corvette received considerable praise from many of the V8 folks closing out the festivities. It goes to show how the common thread of automotive passion can transcend individual preferences, but we can’t help wondering what would’ve happened had the brapping ‘Vette arrived during the show’s primetime hours. Do we hear the sound of hornets?

Nah, it’s just the rotary revving up.

Source: Rob Dahm via YouTube


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