They look like chrome or polished aluminum five-star rims.

Chevrolet hasn’t been the least bit shy in recent months with parading its new C8 mid-engined Corvette around the country. The weeks leading up to the official reveal date announcement in April saw numerous Corvette caravan sightings, one of which even caught GM President Mark Reuss riding shotgun. The parade of prototypes continues, and YouTuber Corvette Nut has no less than three recent sightings captured on video.

Two of the clips are fairly unremarkable (embedded below), but the third seems to show a new wheel design we haven’t yet seen on C8 prototypes. That video is featured at the top of the page, and though the wheels are obviously in motion, a paused screenshot seems to reveal what looks like a classic five-star design. Up to this point, we’ve only seen multi-spoke wheels, some with a five-star theme and others with a dark wire-wheel design. The current Corvette Stingray features something very similar to what we see here, albeit still a thin dual-spoke design as opposed to a solid five-star shape. It could support the rumors that the first C8 model will, in fact, be called Stingray.

Gallery: C8 Corvette Spy Video Screenshots tipped us off to these sightings, and as the C8’s official reveal on July 18 draws closer, we suspect there will be more sightings to come. Official information on the car is still pretty much nonexistent, but rumors say the new ‘Vette will launch with a familiar 6.2-liter cam-in-block V8 developing around 460 horsepower (343 kilowatts), which is what you’ll find in the current C7 Stingray.

Pricing is believed to be in the vicinity of the current Stingray as well – around $60,000 – though prices will certainly go up with later models. The power should go up too, with a 1,000-hp (746-kW) range-topping hybrid possibly in the cards at some point.

For the near-term, the C8 Corvette will finally get its day in the sun at a special reveal event in California. After more than 50 years since the first mid-engine Corvette was conceived, here’s hoping it’s worth the wait.


Source: Corvette Nut via YouTube,

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