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The proliferation of SUVs is slowly killing our beloved wagons, with BMW deciding not to bring the next installment of the 3 Series Sports Wagon to the United States much like the next VW Golf will likely eschew the SportWagen guise in America. At least we can take comfort from knowing these long-roof cars are still relevant in other parts of the world, which is why BMW is on the verge of introducing the all-new 3 Series wagon codenamed G21.

The 3er in its practical Touring flavor was seen at the end of last month testing at the Nürburgring in the hot M340i whereas this car is a lower-spec prototype without the 382-horsepower inline-six turbo engine. BMW was quite generous when it slapped camouflage onto the test vehicle, but the car’s design is not much of a secret since it will stay true to the sedan’s look. The elongated rear will free up more cargo compared to the 480 liters (17 cubic feet) available in the G20 in exchange for a slightly increased curb weight.

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If we’re allowed to dream for a moment, it would be great to see a BMW 3 Series Touring version to take on the Audi A4 Allroad. Even if BMW won’t be going down the rugged wagon route, the Ingolstadt model might still have to face a worthy German opponent in the form of the rumored Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain.

Speaking of rumors, it is believed we are only a few weeks away from the official unveiling of the new Bimmer wagon, which for whatever reason, was a no-show in Geneva back in March. It will be a happy day when the M3 Touring will become a reality, but for the time being, we’re treating the fully fledged M wagon as pure speculation.

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