If you are on the market for a large off-road truck and want to spend about $60,000, your options are pretty much limited to the Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ram Power Wagon. These are both very potent and capable pickups but they are also very different. How different, you might ask? Here’s a comprehensive comparison video of the two from Edmunds to answer that question.

For starters, as our colleagues put it, the Raptor is like an off-road sports car – “born for high speeds through loose terrain and high-flying antics” with its powerful twin-turbo V6. In contrast, the Power Wagon is more like a workhorse for any terrain with locking front and rear differentials, high payload and towing figures, and a taller suspension.

From what we see in the video, aside from the two hosts having lots of fun driving the trucks, the Power Wagon feels a bit more nervous on off-road terrain but it is also not as wide as the Raptor, which is a big advantage in some cases. On the other hand, Ram’s V8 truck is much better at towing but – hey, "why would you tow your toys to the off-road park when your towing vehicles is the toy?"

More differences? The Raptor has a single locking differential versus Power Wagon’s two locking diffs. Suspension wise, both trucks offer tons of clearance but Ram’s product has a smart disconnecting front sway bar.

At the end of the day, these are both very, very capable trucks. Simply put, the Ford is more of a sporty truck whereas the Ram is built to work. Again, if you are on the market for a capable hardcore truck, you should consider both offerings as they have a drastically different character. There’s no winner here – both vehicles are ready for any kind of adventure you throw at them.

Source: Edmunds on YouTube

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