It's a bit of a mismatch but can the new 911 stand tall against other coupes with bigger and more powerful engines?

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S is out and about, as well as the Speedster and the Cabriolet. It has a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter flat-six engine under its hood, capable of making 443 horsepower and 390 pound-feet of torque to pull its almost 3,487 pounds of body weight. It's definitely a fast car, there's no doubt in that. Even Top Gear's Chris Harris was pretty impressed by its performance in his review.

But how does the new 911 compare against other coupes out there, particularly the Audi R8 Performace, Nissan GT-R Nismo, and the BMW M850i? While it seems like a mismatch from the get-go, that's what CarWow has in this drag race video.

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To quantify how handicapped the new 911 is on this drag race, let's look at the numbers of the other cars.

The Audi R8 Performance has a naturally-aspirated 5.2L V10 that churns out 620 metric horses and 406 lb-ft torque, sent to all four wheels. The Nissan GT-R Nismo, on the other hand, has 3.8L twin-turbo V6 that can max it out at 600 hp and 481 lb-ft torque. Lastly, the BMW M850i, which we got our hands on, is powered by a twin-turbo 4.4L V8 that produces 523 hp and 553 lb-ft torque. It's also the heaviest among the four coupes.

With at least 80-hp deficit against three high-powered rivals, can the new 911 stand tall in a straight-line race? Or does it need help from the 911 GT2 RS or the 911 Turbo?

Watch the video on top of this page to find out. Check out the rolling race and brake test towards the end of the video, as well.

Source: CarWow via Youtube

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