The Fisker Karma has apparently discovered a new trick that has evaded Lamborghini and Ferrari for years - the ability to spontaneous combust after being soaked in water.

Automotive News says Fisker is looking into a report that 16 Karmas caught on fire after being submerged in seawater, at a New Jersey port, during Hurricane Sandy. The incident remains under investigation but Fisker released a statement that said "We have confidence in the Fisker Karma and safety is our primary concern." Company spokesman Russell Datz also downplayed the event by saying "Obviously, there was a big storm. A million things could've happened. You just don't know."

As we have previously reported, the Karma has already faced two fire related recalls. The first involved improperly positioned hose clamps which could cause a coolant leak and start a fire, while the second was to replace faulty low temperature cooling fans which could fail, overheat and start a fire.

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