The name Jason Acuña might not be familiar to some, but just about everyone recognizes the small skateboarder known by his stage name Wee Man. Aside from skating and tacos, the Jackass television/movie star is also smitten with vanlife, as revealed in the above video from the YouTube channel Van Talk. The five-minute clip features Wee Man and his four-wheel-drive Mercedes-Benz Sprinter which he affectionately calls the beast – a vehicle which he states is now his full-time residence. We’ll touch more on that in a bit. Also, be advised there are a few F-bombs in the clip because hey, it’s Wee Man.

For now, let’s check out his rolling home. The Merc rides on a 144-inch wheelbase so there’s a decent amount of room inside and Wee Man makes the most of it. The Sprinter is fully equipped with a bathroom and shower, a kitchen that includes a sink, stove, and refrigerator, and a comfy bench seat that folds to become a bed. We aren’t shown every nook and cranny, but the van appears to have plenty of storage as well as a small work area in the back. He didn’t build this van – it showed up for sale in Arkansas already converted and he picked it up after just a few days on the market.

Gallery: Wee Man Mercedes Sprinter

We aren’t given details about water storage or specifics on power, but it is equipped with roof-mounted solar panels and a separate furnace for the back that runs on diesel from the fuel tank. Interestingly, there isn’t any television to speak of – Wee Man shows off his phone as his entertainment system, so he definitely seems interested in living a quieter life.

Speaking of which, in the video Wee Man explains his decision to go full-time into van living. He likes traveling, he wanted a change in his life, and he points out that having more stuff also means having more issues. He said it a bit more colorfully than that, but you know what? He’s not wrong. He’s also not the only person choosing to live such a lifestyle, and we have mad respect for anyone seeking out and embracing the simpler things in life.

Source: Van Talk via YouTube


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